Elements Rice Papers are the Perfect Fold Rolling Papers


Elements rice papers are some of the best ultra thin rise smoking papers on the market with zero ash on burning except for a very small line caused by the sugar gum being turned into yummy caramel when it burns. Pretty cool as no other paper does this and shows just how little paper you are actually smoking, just what the connoisseur wants. Each single elements rice paper is watermarked with with their well known criss crossed imprint because it stops runs and sideburns and helps the smoke draw well and burn very slowly.

The new rice rolling papers with perfect fold is a revelation in easy rolling, perfect for beginners and experts alike with the crease or fold being 2 thirds of the way instead of in the middle. It comes in the Spanish size one and a quarter for the perfect size smoke, not too big and not too small, the perfect companion for Coffee. When I was learning how to roll I wish these were available as the crease being lower makes all the difference, almost no thought need to go into making a roll your own cigarette. Each packet contains 50 leaves of pure pleasure. For the smooth intense sensation of fine rice smoking papers make every roll up a perfect fold one.



  • Elements Perfect Fold 1 ¼
  • Sugar Gum
  • Ultra Thin
  • Rice Paper
  • Weight: 12 g/m2
  • 50 leaves per pack
  • Box contains 25 packs
  • Size: 76x44mm
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